PC Version

1.Click the "Liquidity " button on the home page and find the trading pair you want to mine. Then enter the " pool" to add liquidity (PS: Make sure that there are enough two tokens in your wallet, that is, the value of the two tokens are equivalent. For example, 4MDX and 14556.341LION can form an LP Token)

2.After the liquidity is successfully added, pledge LP Token to corresponding transaction pair on the "Liquidity Mining" page (click "Authorize" for the first operation). The "HDMX" asset in the "MetaMask" wallet is the LP Token.

3."withdraw" , "withdraw all" , "+"" - "and "add liquidity"are avaliable on the pledge page. "withdraw all" deals with both rewards and LP.

4.You can stop mining by removing liquidity in MDEX pool followed by clicking "withdraw All" .

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