How to cross-chain USDT to BSC

1.MDEX has partnered up with the leading cross-chain protocol iSwap. For users who have USDT on HECO and want to transfer them to BSC, congratulations, with the bridge function of MDEX, you can now realize cross-chain USDT transactions with just one click. This cross-chain service is provided by iSwap, a third-party application.

2.Enter MDEX.COM, the official website, and confirm your wallet is connected to the HECO mainnet, then click "Bridge", as shown below:

3. Select "USDT", and it will remind you that this cross-chain service is provided by the third-party iSwap, then click "I understand, continue"

4. Confirm the receiving address (BSC), and fill in the amount (30~500000USDT per transaction). The bridge function will charge a gas fee and a cross-chain service fee. For transactions of 10000U or above, the fee is waived.

5. Authorize your wallet and clicks "Confirm" in your wallet, click "Next" to confirm the transfer, then wait for the cross-chain transaction to complete.

6. You can check the transaction status in "View Records". If the records show the transaction is completed, you can switch to the BSC network to see if the asset has arrived.

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