Announcement on the launch of order book feature on MDEX

Dear users,

MDEX.COM launched order book feature to further improve the trading experience for users according to the official roadmap at 20:00 (UTC+8) on October 30, 2021. Users can trade tokens at the desired price through limit order onwards. The success of a particular transaction depends on the pending orders of both the buyer and seller as what CEX is, which can save users from staring at the market.

Order book for DEX is a technical innovation composed of order book and the AMM liquidity pool with full adoption of the users' suggestion. This will solve the problem that failure of transactions caused by the different order book depth existing in the market, which can bring users a better trading experience.

Risk reminder: Cryptocurrency trading is risky. Please be vigilant in your purchase and pay attention to transaction risks.


Oct 30 2021

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