Mascot Stickers Design Contest 2000 MDX Rewards Waiting For You

The campaign time:

Participation time: 12:00 PM July 16th - 12:00 PM July 22th UTC

Stickers review time: 12:00 PM July 22th - 12:00 PM July 29th UTC

Twitter voting time: 12:00 PM July 29th - 12:00 PM July 31th UTC

Rewards distribution time: Before 12:00 PM August 5 UTC

Why is the Cute Elephant?

Mascot: Cute Elephant

The meaning behind the mascot:

Elephants are very intelligent creatures, and they are also the largest animals on the Earth. They have been human beings' good friends that we deeply trust. As a mascot, it represents that Mdex will always stay calm when making decisions and harbor a down-to-earth spirit when operating the project. It also symbolizes that Mdex will grow in size and become more powerful like giant elephants.

Please download the stickers already made here:

What's the requirement for the design direction of the mascot stickers?

Interesting and suitable stickers easy for communication in the community and social media. Any text involved must be in English.

How to participate?

1. Participants design stickers according to the requirements within the activity time.

2. Participants post their works on their personal Twitter account. And then upload the Twitter link and the source file of their works to the google form.

3. Follow the MDEX official Twitter and join the official Telegram group of MDEX.

4. After the event, the MDEX team will review the works submitted within 7 days and select the best 5 pieces which will be published on the MDEX official Twitter for voting. Their rankings will be decided by all MDEX users.

5. Voting will last for 48 hours, and users can receive the following rewards.




800 MDX

2nd- 5th

300 MDX

Other exellent works

50 MDX

How will MDEX review the sticker works?

According to:


Difficulty level.

Fun and meaning.

The number of likes and comments of the twitter link.


1. All works submitted should be oriented around the official mascot of Cute Elephant.

2. The language of the works should be English; they must not contain inappropriate language, undesirable themes, or denigration and disinformation.

3. In addition to the top 5 works for each type, the remaining outstanding works selected by the MDEX team will be published in the official Telegram group, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, SnapChat. Users can follow these accounts to see if their works are selected.

4. The top 5 works should receive a minimum number of votes of no less than 100; otherwise they will not be eligible for rewards.

5. The same work cannot be repeatedly submitted. If there is more than more creator for the work, only one person can have the authorship; if there is a duplicate work uploaded, only the first uploaded work will be counted.

6. The work must be original. It is strictly forbidden to plagiarize other people's works or violate their copyrights; otherwise the participation qualification will be revoked.

7. The work must be uploaded to the social media platform and publicly visible; participating in this activity and uploading the work are deemed as a consent to shift the copyright of the entry to MDEX.

8. For all works submitted, the Mdex team has the right to display, use them; if disputes arise out of unauthorization, MDEX official does not assume any responsibility.

9. The activity rewards will be issued within 5 days after the vote.

10. MDEX owns the only commercial rights of this mascot image. MDEX reserves the final right to interpret this activity.

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