MDEX Referral System Updated Version (BNB Chain)

Dear users:

According to the current market conditions, MDEX has made some optimizations to our current Referral System aiming to get more partners and achieve a win-win outcome. We welcome all of our great partners around the world to join us.

There are two ways to get MDEX referral rebates:

1. The default referral rebate with a ratio range of 7% - 10%.

Any user who creates a referral link on the referral page will directly get a basic rebate ratio: 7%.

If the user is an MDX holder, the more MDX he holds, the higher rebate ratio he will get. The rebate is as follows:

Numbers of MDX in Wallet Address

Rebate ratio to get





60,000 and more


All MDEX users are eligible to refer friends through the personal exclusive referral link.

MDEX new and old users can all become referees. Users who have already traded on MDEX can also be invited by others.

2.Users with high transaction volume can apply for a higher rebate ratio of up to 20%.

(1) Visit MDEX homepage and fills out the rebate application form; Application Form

(2) Wait for our response for your approval. After the approval, the address entered in the form will get a 10% basic rebate ratio (equivalent to users who hold $60,000 or more in MDX);

(3) The higher the monthly transaction volume of the invitee under the address ($50 million upper limit), the higher the rebate ratio. The rebate is as follows:

The sum of the monthly transaction volume of all invitees.

(Rebate-available pairs only)

Rebate ratio to get









50M or more



If the address you invited has a total monthly transaction volume of $40 million in WBNB/USDT, then the rebate you will get is:

$40 million * 0.2% transaction ratio * 20% rebate ratio = $16,000

If the address you invited has a total monthly transaction volume of $80 million in WBNB/USDT, then the rebate you will get is:

$50 million * 0.2% transaction ratio * 20% rebate ratio + $30 million *transaction ratio 0.2% * 10% rebate ratio = $26,000

(The rebate ratio for other rebate-available pairs is 0.3%)

After the update, previous inviters and invitees with referral rebate will be adjusted.

  1. The rebate ratio for ordinary inviters is adjusted to 7% by default.

  2. MDX holders will be automatically adjusted based on the MDX that is currently available in the addresses.

  3. The rebate ratio of the previous applicants will be adjusted to 10%.

  4. The rebate ratio of all invitees will be adjusted to 0%.

In addition, in the latest rebate plan, the inviters can no longer set the rebate ratio for the invitees.

Other Description:

1. This plan will be implemented from 12:00 PM on December 8th, 2022 (UTC).

2. The way of applying for higher referral rebate is only valid for BNB Chain users, not for HECO users.

3. The rebate settlement is once a month. The statistical cycle of rebate is from the 8th of last month to the 8th of this month. Before the 15th of each month, the rebate amount that the user earned in the previous month will be settled and distributed to the user’s address.

4. For users who submitted the application form, the transaction volume of their invitees will be calculated after the application is passed, and the transaction volume before the application is not included. And the rebate amount displayed on the rebate page of the application-based user is calculated at a ratio of 10%; the rebate amount exceeding 10% will be directly distributed to the user's address in the next month, and will not be displayed on the website page.

5. The new referral system will use the same calculation method as the previous plan. The previous plan:

6. MDEX reserves the right to final interpretation.

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