Announcement Regarding the Restart of Cross-Chain Bridge Functionality on MDEX

Dear MDEX Users,

To facilitate seamless asset exchange between dual chains, MDEX has upgraded its cross-chain bridge functionality as of March 5, 2024. Users can now utilize the cross-chain bridge to exchange MDX tokens between the HECO and ETH networks, as well as between the BSC and ETH networks.

MDEX has always been committed to providing users with a more convenient and efficient trading experience. The relaunch of cross-chain functionality will bring you more trading opportunities and flexibility. We believe this will open up new possibilities for managing your digital assets.

Please note that cross-chain transactions involve certain risks, so please exercise caution before proceeding with any operations. We appreciate your continuous support and trust in MDEX.

MDX Ethereum Contract Address: 0xc56725b6430132de775c4e5b48c9b0318ce2fc69

Best regards,


March 5, 2024

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