Support Plan for projects in META and GameFi sector from MDEX Foundation

MDEX, as the world's leading decentralized trading platform, plans to accelerate the development of the metaverse market and jointly create a new era of metaverse with all high-quality projects in META, GameFi and NFT sector.

MDEX Foundation, as the promoter of the platform, has been actively promoting the ecological construction of blockchain applications and a close loop of virtuous development of the ecosystem. It issued a special fund plan for the GameFi and metaverse projects in the form of either a certain amount of incubation funds or ecological resources to speed up the development of the projects. The details are as follows:

  1. MDEX will introduce the native token to its farming pool for potential META, GameFi projects directly to increase the utilities of the native token.

  2. Community co-construction, MDEX will provide marketing promotion support for META and GameFi projects, establish a highly sticky community, so that the project increase its awareness.

  3. Innovate cooperation forms with META and GameFi projects to increase the utilities of its tokens, including but not limited to pre-selling NFT blind boxes and NFT mining, Nevertheless, MDEX can also invest in potential start-up projects with ecological funds.

  4. MDEX, as a DEX, has been focused on trading, and will actively integrate with GameFi, Meta by gradually launching its own NFT in the form of its mascot elephant.

Under this plan, MDEX (BSC) will add a new liquidity mining list and adjust its liquidity mining weightages under the condition that rewards per block remain unchanged at 12:00 (UTC) on November 24, 2021. The list is as follows:


About Radio Caca (RACA):

Radio Caca is the native token of Universal Metaverse, and Universal Metaverse (USM) is a 3D planet virtual world where users can own land, build buildings such as shops and art galleries, create and play games.

About GoldMiner (GM):

GoldMiner is a free shooting NFT game that everyone can play without paying for it.

About CryptoMines Eternal (ETERNAL):

Cryptomines is a Play to Earn NFT game, you will progress by gaining mining ability.

Risk reminder: cryptocurrency investments are risky. MDEX will select certain potential projects, but it does not represent the evaluation or approval of the investment value or safety of the project. Users need to independently evaluate the risk of investment before participation to avoid asset losses.

MDEX team

24 Nov 202

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