Design mascot for Christmas and New Year Welcome 2022 take away $3,000 in $MDX

Participate time:10:00 AM UTC, 23 December 2021 - 10:00 AM UTC, 28 December 2021

Review time: 10:00 AMM UTC, 28 December 2021 - 10:00 AM UTC, 30 December 2021

Voting time: 10:00 AM UTC, 30 December 2021 - 10:00 AM UTC, 1 January 2022

Reward distribution: before 15 January 2022

Mascot: Cute Elephant

How to participate?

  1. Follow the official MDEX Twitter and join the official MDEX Telegram group.

  2. Design a picture themed on Christmas or New Year with MDEX's mascot and retweet the event from MDEX with your design attached.

  3. Upload the retweet link and the picture you designed to the form.

  4. After the activity, MDEX staff will complete the review of the works within 2 days, and select the best 8 works and publish them on the official Twitter for voting. All MDEX users can vote for the ranking of the works.

  5. After the voting, the creators of the top 3 works (with at least 100 votes) will each be awarded $500 MDX.

  6. The creators of the other 5 works (receiving at least 50 votes) will each receive $200 MDX.

  7. The first ten users who voted for the first-placed work will each receive a $50 MDX award according to the sequence of filling in the form.


  1. All works submitted must be themed on the official mascot;

  2. The language of the works must be English; the works must not contain inappropriate language, undesirable themes or defamatory or misinformative content;

  3. All 8 works have to meet the minimum votes (i.e., 100 for the top 3 and 50 for the rest 5) required to be awarded;

  4. The same work cannot be repeatedly submitted by more than one person; if the work is co-created by multiple people, only one person can have the name on the work submitted; if there are duplicate works uploaded, only the first uploaded work will be eligible.

  5. The work must be original and must not infringe on the copyright of others, otherwise it will be disqualified.

  6. The content of the work must be uploaded to the social media platform and visible to the public; by participating in this activity and uploading the work, you agree to give the copyright of the work to MDEX.

  7. MDEX has the right to display and use all the works submitted to the campaign, and will not be responsible for any disputes arising from unauthorized works.

  8. The activity rewards will be issued within 14 days after the voting.

  9. MDEX has the exclusive merchandising rights of this mascot image and reserves the final interpretation right of this activity.

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