KALATA trading competition starts! Win $30,000 in $KALA

Event Duration:

12:00 PM UTC, October 19, 2021 – 12:00 PM UTC, October 26, 2021

Event Tasks:

1. Trade KALA/BUSD pair on MDEX (BSC) and the cumulative trading volume should meet the rewards requirements;

2.Join MDEX official telegram group and KALATA official telegram group

3.Fill in the form to participate in the activity;

Rewards amounts and requirements:

Ranking Prize:

According to the cumulative transaction volume ranking of KALA/BUSD, top 20 users (no less than $1000 per person) will receive the following rewards:



$3000 in $KALA


$1000 in $KALA


$300 in $KALA

Lucky Prize: Among the ranking top 1000 users whose cumulative transaction volume of KALA/BUSD (no less than $500 per person), MDEX will pick 100 users after the competition (ranking 10th, 20th, 30th, and so on to 1000th) and reward each of them $200 in $KALA.


  1. Winners have to complete all tasks to be qualified.

  2. The ranking prize and lucky prize can be superimposed.

  3. If there are less than 1000 people eligible for the lucky prize, the rules for picking lucky users remain. As a result, there will be less than 100 lucky prize winners.

  4. The rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the competition ends, and the list of winners will be announced in the MDEX telegram group and KALA telegram group.

  5. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to MDEX.

Risk warning:

  1. Crypto currencies are investment products of high risks. You shall be responsible for your investment choices. Mdex only functions as a decentralized exchange and will not guarantee earnings or compensate if losses occur.

  2. Please make sure that the token type and the contract address are correct. Negligence may cause you losses from buying forgery tokens.

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