10,000 MDX Giveaway on Every Lucky Friday(2nd)

MDEX officially published the Lucky Friday Event!

Out of gratitude to the supporters of the MDEX, and to attract more users to understand and experience the platform, MDEX is releasing a weekly event called Lucky Friday, with up to 10,000 MDX giveaway every week! Users who complete multiple tasks will get chances on winning jackpots every week. The Telegram Lucky Bot will support a public, fair and transparent lucky draw every Friday. The more tasks you complete, the higher probability of winning. Come and find out how to participate in this event!

Activity Time:

Time to complete the tasks:2022.04.28 04:00 – 2022.05.06 04:00(UTC).

Time of MDEX official review: 2022.05.06 04:00 – 2022.05.07 04:00 (UTC).

Draw time: 2022.05.07 04:00 – 2022.05.09 04:00 (UTC).

Reward distribution time: within 7 days after the Draw time

Activity details:

During each activity, users who complete the corresponding tasks and fill in the form can get the lucky draw chances. The MDEX team will review the users who meet the tasks according to the submitted information within the review time, and calculate the number of lucky draw chances for each person.

Each user who meets the conditions can draw the jackpots through the MDEX Telegram lucky bot during the drawing time, and the winning results will be displayed in real time.

The prize pool of each activity is set as follows: First prize for one winner: 8000 MDX Second prize for two winners: 1000 MDX per person

After completing the identity verification, the winners will receive the jackpots within 7 days, The rewards will be distributed to the wallet addresses filled in the form by users.

Tasks description:

1.Share Twitter in communities and you'll be eligible for 1 chance of lucky draw.

a.Follow MDEX on Twitter and join the MDEX Telegram group;

b.Share the specified Twitter link in any other blockchain Telegram group or Discord group, and then take a screenshot. Upload the screenshot to the form to obtain one lucky draw chance.

The specified Twitter links to be shared this time::https://twitter.com/mdextech/status/1519543483094106112?s=21

2.Learn about the Innovation Zone projects and earn 1 chance of lucky draw. When participating in the activity, it is suggested to understand what the MDEX Innovation Zone is. As long as all three questions related to the innovation zone are answered correctly when filling in the form, you will be qualified for one lucky draw.

3.There are 3 lucky draw opportunities for trading MDEX Innovation Zone Projects. During the task, users can obtain the qualification for three lucky draws after completing one transaction of any amount in the MDEX Innovation Zone.

4.Add LP to the Innovation Zone projects and win 3 lucky draw opportunities. During the task, the user can add an LP of any amount in the MDEX Innovation Zone and obtain the qualification of three lucky draws.

5.Invite friends to do tasks and draw jackpots together (5 chances). During the task, the user can invite any friends to complete the transaction or add LP in the MDEX Innovation Zone. The inviters can obtain the qualification of 5 lucky draws! At the same time, the invitees will also be eligible for lucky draws by completing task 3 or task 4.

Introduction to the MDEX Telegram Lucky Bot:

  1. Please set the Telegram language to English, and then directly search for @mdexLuckyenBot to access the MDEX Telegram lucky robot at any time.

  2. After accessing the robot, click the "start" button to check the functions.

  3. Click "Event Introduction" to learn about the specific activities and tasks currently in progress.

  4. Click "MDX Prize Pool", to see the total amount of prize pool and the corresponding number of winners.

  5. During the lucky draw, you can click "Check My Chance to Draw" at any time to know your current remaining lucky draw times.

  6. During the lucky draw, you can click "View Winning Results" to see the winning status in real time; Click this button at other times to check the winning records of last Lucky Friday.

  7. During the draw, as long as the users have the qualification for the draw, they can click the "Click to Draw" button, and the robot will feedback the result of the draw to you in real time.

  8. The MDEX telegram lucky robot adopts a random draw mechanism which is public, fair and transparent. Besides, the more drawing chances the user has, the higher probability of winning the jackpots.

Activity Description:

  1. To get the lucky draw chances, complete the tasks and fill in the form.

  2. After completing Task 1 and Task 2 with the same Telegram account can only get a maximum of 2 lucky draw chances.

  3. Click the MDEX Lucky Bot, you can check the event information and participate in the lucky draw.

  4. The lucky draw time lasts for 24 hours. If you miss the draw time, you will no longer be able to get rewards for the current activity.; 5.Since the robot adopts a random drawing mechanism, the following situations may occur: some users who completed the task but did not draw, resulting in the current prize pool not being fully opened. In this case, the remaining prize pool will be carried over to the prize pool of the next Lucky Friday.

  5. After the draw is over, the admin of the MDEX telegram group will actively tag the winning users to complete the identity verification in the group, and the reward will be issued after verification. If the user does not complete the identity verification within 72 hours, it will be regarded as giving up the reward of this activity, and the reward will be carried over to the prize pool of the next Lucky Friday.

  6. The final interpretation rights of this event belong to MDEX.

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