Notice on the Adjustment of Data Display and Dual-mining on Boardroom

Dear MDEX users,

Since our launch on January 19, MDEX has deployed on both BSC and HECO. As the first decentralized protocol that supports both BSC and HECO, MDEX has been committed itself to providing the best service for users.

To enable a clear data visualization, MDEX teams has decided to change the data display page at 20:00 (UTC+8) June 6, 2021. We will present the data of pending rewards, pending repurchase, 24h transaction volume, 24h transaction fee, the real-time deflation rate, mining output, as well as the market value of the mining output, etc., on the same page.

Meanwhile, we will launch the dual mining on Boardroom and enables MDX staking for more benefits at 20:00 (UTC+8) June 8, 2021. Details about the rewards will be released on our official website later on. Please stay tuned.

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