Adjusting "Burning Black Hole" participation eligibility and rewards

Dear MDEX users.

The "Burning Black Hole" activity has been successfully held for 6 rounds, with a total of 1868847 MDX participated and 1681962.3 MDX burned.

In order to be more fair and efficient, we will adjust the participation eligibility and activity rewards.

Each time the minimum input is adjusted from the previous 10 MDX to 5 MDX.

Saturn rewards are adjusted from the previous 100000USDT to 30000USDT Pluto rewards are adjusted from the previous 200000USDT to 270000USDT.

We will announce more adjustment details on the official website. The next round "Burning Black Holes" will start on June 9 at 21:00 UTC. Please stay tuned and join us! Participate link:


June 9 2021

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