$10,000 Rewards of Airdrop Event for Perpetual Traders

To celebrate the launch of the MDEX Perpetual Trading, MDEX and ApolloX are jointly hosting an airdrop event with $10,000 rewards for all traders! Open a position of any amount to participate in the activity, and to get a better chance to win Jackpot!

Event Duration:

07:00 AM UTC, Oct. 10th - 11:59 PM UTC, Oct. 15th

Event Rules:

The event lasts for 6 natural days. Within each natural day (calculated in UTC time), users will be eligible to join in the daily lucky draw as long as they open a position of any amount on any trading pair. 100 lucky winners will be randomly selected every day!

In addition, 1 Jackpot winner will be randomly selected among the users who have opened positions every day for 6 consecutive days!


PrizeNumber of Winners Rewards Amount

Opening Position

100 Addresses Everyday

50 addresses get $15 in $MDX 50 addresses get $15 in $APX


1 Address

$500 in $MDX + $500 in $APX

Event Descriptions:

1.This event does not limit trading pairs and trading amounts. Users will be eligible for the lucky draw after completing opening a position.

2.Add position and close position will not be regarded as completing the task.

3.All the deposit, withdrawal and transaction behaviors seeming like unreal traders’ behaviors will be regarded as invalid transactions, and their addresses will be removed before the daily random draw. As a result, they can not get the rewards.

4.The rewards will be distributed within 7 days after the event ends, and will be directly airdropped to the users’ perpetual accounts.

5.If you hold MDX in your perpetual account, you can enjoy not only the deduction of the perpetual trading fee, but also a 10% off of the transaction fee.

6.The final interpretation of this event belongs to MDEX and ApolloX.

MDEX Perpetual Trading Tutorial:

Transfer Funds into Your Futures Wallet【Website】: https://mdexdoc.gitbook.io/doc/yong-hu-zhi-nan/futures-trading/transfer-funds-into-your-futures-wallet-website

Beginner's Guide to Futures Trading: https://mdexdoc.gitbook.io/doc/yong-hu-zhi-nan/futures-trading/beginners-guide-to-futures-trading

Risk Warning:

Cryptocurrency perpetual trading involves significant risks and requires a high degree of professionalism. Please stay alert and be prudent when making any trading decisions. Always pay close attention and monitor market conditions, make risk management if needed. The information here should not be regarded as financial or investment advice from MDEX. MDEX will not be liable for any loss that might arise from your use of MDEX.

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