Announcement on the third halving of MDX and the adjustment of allocation of its transaction fee

Dear users,

MDEX gives back the participants maximum incentive under the help of a dual-mining mechanism comprised of liquidity mining and transaction mining. It realizes a self-driven ecological closed loop of value capture through buyback and destruction with a transaction fee. On the occasion of safe and smooth operation for nearly a year, MDX halved for the third time at 12:30 (UTC) on 2nd December 2021. Now, the sum of output on HECO and BSC is reduced from the previous 40 MDX to 20 MDX per block. Block height for halve on HECO is 10517460 and 13130005 for BSC

Meanwhile, to achieve sustainability, MDEX optimized the allocation of its transaction fee after a proposal with a proposal NO. 211125001 was initiated by the MDEX team and passed the referendum thru DAO. Under the proposal, the adjustment of allocation of transaction fee (0.3% of the transaction volume) is as follows:

All liquidity providers (Include liquidity pair formed by tokens that are not whitelisted): 0.2%.

Repurchase & destruction: 0.07%.

Boardroom reward: 0.03%.

MDEX will usher in new opportunities and will continue to work with more partners to promote ecological prosperity and development to benefit the holders of MDX, the future is bound to be better. Thank you for your support of MDEX!

MDEX team

02 Dec 2021

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