Announcement on MDEX launches USDT-margined perpetual trading feature

Dear user,

The decentralized trading protocol MDEX has announced a partnership with a professional on-chain derivatives platform, ApolloX Finance, by launching the USDT-margined perpetual trading feature at 07:00 (UTC) on October 10, 2022, continuing its commitment to meeting the different trading needs of users and bolstering its trading ecology.MDEX users who pay with MDX can enjoy 10% off on the perpetual trading fees.

Currently, the USDT-margined perpetual trading function supports both Cross Margin and Isolated Margin Mode. In the cross margin mode, the USDT in the cross margin account will provide a guarantee for the positions. That is, all positions under the cross-margin share one account that utilises the full amount in the available balance to avoid liquidations on the positions with the same settlement cryptocurrency.

In the isolated position mode, each trading pair has an independent isolated margin account. Once liquidation happens, the margin level is calculated solely in each account and it will not affect other isolated margins.

MDEX USDT-margined Perpetual trading feature supports both cross-position and isolated positions at the same time. Users can switch between cross-position mode or isolated-position mode for trading, and it won't affect the existing positions.

Risk warning: Trading in cryptocurrency derivatives involves significant risks and requires a high degree of professionalism. Please stay alert and be prudent when making any trading decisions. Always pay close attention and monitor market conditions, make risk management if needed.

MDEX will continue to provide you with great products & services!

MDEX team

October 10, 2022

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