Beginner's Guide to Futures Trading

1.Enter the contract transaction page,Then, transfer funds into your Futures account to start trading.

2. Select the Futures contract you would like to trade. USDⓈ-M Perpetual Futures Contracts are linear contracts that use USDT as margin, as well as to settle profit and loss (PnL). Before opening a position, confirm that you are using the correct trading mode. You can click the [Preference] icon to set your preferences.

3.There are several different order types that you can use to open a position on MDEX.

By trading Futures, you can make a profit off of market price fluctuations by opening a long or short position on a given contract.

If you decide to go long, it means that you expect the price of the contract you're buying to go up in the future, whereas if you decide to open a short position, it means that you're selling contracts and you expect the price to go down in the future.

4.You can view your unrealized PnL (uPnL), estimated liquidation price, margin ratio, and other information about your current positions at the bottom of the candlestick chart.

You can also click Close All Positions to close all of your open positions using a market or limit order once you enable this feature in [Preference].

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