MDEX is deploying BTTC Network and launching multiple activities with a total reward of $180,000

Dear MDEX users,

Thank you for your continued support. As a leading decentralized trading protocol, MDEX is dedicated to integrating the advantages of multiple chains and building a high-performance composite DEX ecosystem. We have successfully deployed on HECO, BNB Chain, and Ethereum public chains. In the first half of 2023, MDEX plans to use the layout of new public chains as a value breakout point, gradually supporting more Layer2 new public chains such as BTTC, to build a more diversified, open, and innovative ecosystem that provides users with convenient and secure digital asset trading and liquidity management services, and realizes the long-term vision of multi-chain asset interoperability.

To expand the ecological space even further, we will deploy BitTorrent (BTTC) Network on April 24, 2023, at 12:00 (UTC), and hold a feedback activity with BTTC, where participants can win a total of $180,000 in rewards. The specific activities are as follows:

Activity time

Activity 1: 2023.04.24 12:00 – 2023.05.14 12:00 (UTC)

Activity 2: Start time 2023.04.24 12:00 (UTC), the end time is subject to the distribution of rewards.

Activity Rules

Activity 1: First come, first served, $10,000 until it runs out

During the activity period, users need to bridge USDT from other networks to the BTTC network (cross-chain tutorial attached). The first 200 users who complete a single cross-chain amount greater than 300 USDT will receive a $50 reward each. To ensure fairness, snapshots of addresses will be taken during the activity period. If users bridge USDT back to other networks during the activity period, they will be deemed to have given up their eligibility for rewards. MDEX users need to fill in the form to participate in the activity.

Activity 2: Add and stake LP, enjoy $170,000 liquidity mining rewards

MDEX, in collaboration with BitTorrent, will provide $170,000 as liquidity mining rewards, which will be allocated to four trading pairs: USDT_t/USDC_t, BTT/USDT_t, ETH/USDT_t and TRX/USDT_t.

Users only need to click on "Liquidity Mining" on the MDEX official website, select the above 4 trading pairs, create LP, and stake LP to receive the highest APR mining rewards on the entire chain.

Activity Description:

1. The reward for Activity One is limited to the first 200 addresses that complete the task, and the specific calculation method is based on the on-chain arrival time. Users must fill in the form to be eligible for the reward. If the form is not completed, the reward will be postponed to the next user who fills in the form.

2. During Activity Two, users can add or remove LP at any time and withdraw mining rewards at any time.

3. The reward for Activity One will be completed within 14 days after the end of the activity.

4. MDEX reserves the final interpretation right for the activity.

Introduction to BTTC:

Bittorrent-Chain (BTTC) is a layer 2 scaling solution, BTTC strives to solve scalability and usability issues without compromising decentralization, and can make full use of the existing Ethereum developer community and ecosystem. BTTC is fully compatible with Ethereum, and existing applications on Ethereum can be easily migrated to this BTTC. In addition to the same experience as Ethereum, users can also enjoy ultra-high throughput and extremely low fees.

MDEX team

Apr 20th, 2023

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