Double Campaigns to Win 2500 PLATO Rewards (worth $20,000+)

To celebrate the joint mining between PlatoFarm and MDEX on March 25, we have planned double campaigns to distribute 2,500 PLATO bounties!

The two activities are: token price prediction and trading competition. Users can also join MDEX communities to participate in the AMA to get extra token gifts.

Come and see how to participate in the Events!

Notice on token $PLATO rewarded from this campaign.

According to the requirement from PlatoFarm, its contract of governance token $PLATO is upgrading in the 2nd week in April (the specific date is subject to the project owner). Particularly, PlatoFarm will take a snapshot, and then airdrop the addresses holding $PLATO with a ratio of 1:100. Users who hold $PLATO are advised by PlatoFarm to trade $PLATO after contract upgraded.

I. Token price prediction for 100 PLATO per person

Duration: 04:00 AM UTC Mar. 26th — 04:00 AM UTC Mar. 30th

How to participate:

a. Follow MDEX Twitter and join the MDEX Telegram group.

b. Follow PlatoFarm Twitter and join the PlatoFarm Telegram Group.

c. Follow OpenMeta Twitter and join the OpenMeta Discord group.

d. Quote retweet this Twitter with “your prediction of the MARK price at 04:00 AM UTC Mar. 30th.

e. Fill out the form (the form is only available for 72 hours after the event starts).

Rewards: ​​The top 5 participants who are able to make the closest prediction to the price of MARK will each receive 100 PLATO.


a. The price of MARK at 04:00 AM UTC Mar. 30th will be taken from MDEX Charts.

b. Event will last for 96 hours, and participants have 72 hours to submit their price prediction through the google form.

c. The final actual token price will subtract the prediction result submitted by users in the form, and the 5 users with the smallest absolute value will become the final winners.

d. Rewards will be distributed before April 8th.

II. Trading competition to win 2000 PLATO on double chains

Duration: HECO: 04:00 AM UTC Mar. 26th — 04:00 AM UTC Apr. 6th

BNB Chain: opening time of MARK liquidity mining pool - 04:00 AM UTC Apr. 6th

Participation Method & Reward Distribution:

During the activity period, users need to trade MARK on MDEX and the accumulated transaction volume is not less than $1000. Users with the TOP10 transaction volume of each chain (HECO and BNB Chain) will get the following rewards.





Share 250 PLATO token as per the proportion of their respective transaction volume in their total volume


Share 250 PLATO token as per the proportion of their respective transaction volume in their total volume


Share 250 PLATO token as per the proportion of their respective transaction volume in their total volume

Rewards will be distributed before April 8.

About MDEX

MDEX.COM supports the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocols of BSC, HECO and ETH, and ranks first in the DEX rankings by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. MDEX.COM innovatively combines the different advantages of various basic public chains, and creates a well-rounded and composite DEX ecosystem with high performance. The "dual mining" mechanism of liquidity mining and transaction mining brings greater returns to the participants, and the transaction fee “repurchase and burn” mechanism realizes a closed and self-driven loop for value capture. It runs on the HECO,ETH and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Users can use MDEX Bridge to realize cross-chain interoperability between HECO, ETH and BSC.

MDEX is committed to establishing a composite DeFi ecosystem that integrates DEX, IMO, and DAO, providing one-stop liquidity services for more high-quality assets, and providing users with a more secure, reliable, diverse, and cost-effective trading experience. For cryptocurrency trading, MDEX.COM is definitely the greater, faster, better and cheaper choice!

About Plato Farm (Token MARK)

Plato Farm is a metaverse that uses blockchain technology to simulate the evolution of human civilization. Through hard work, players can develop the wasteland into a modern home with rich civilization, and further create a space civilization. In 390 B.C., the great Greek philosopher Plato dreamed of building a kingdom of justice, righteousness, order, perfection, right division of labor, and happiness. Let's work together to build this dreamland!

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