Announcement on upgrading of cross-chain scope backed by iSwap on MDEX protocol

MDEX updated the cross-chain scope to provide users with more convenient cross-chain services at 18:00 (UTC+8) on April 14, 2022. Users can now cross USDC and ETH between HECO and BSC through the cross-chain bridge provided by third-party, iSwap.

MDEX will continue to provide users with better products service!

Disclaimer: this feature is provided by a third-party iSwap who is responsible for it. Any problems, please contact iSwap. It's recommended to understand the cross-chain exchange process and iSwap. MDEX will not be responsible for losses caused by human misoperation, asset value fluctuations or other uncertain factors. There is a risk in the cross-chain of assets, please be caution!


April 14 2022

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