Announcement: Change of MDEX’s Official Twitter and Medium Accounts

Dear MDEXers,

MDEX official has always been committed to providing users with the best quality experience. However, due to the specific working mechanisms of Twitter and Medium, our original MDEX official channels in Twitter and Medium have been suffering from dysfunctions. Our MDEX team has now made changes to our official accounts in Twitter and Medium, and you are more than welcome to follow us again! The new accounts are as follows:

New Medium account:

New Twitter account:

Thank you for your understanding and support. In the future, MDEX will keep working hard to provide services to more ecological users and offer them the best transaction experience. Meanwhile, our MDEX team reminds you that, MDEX official website is the one and only official channel to announce our relevant accounts. Please keep a sharp eye and beware of the frauds!

✅ Official channel ✅

Official website

Telegram Chinese:

Telegram English:



June 16, 2021

Last updated