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Activity time:

12 PM UTC Jan 24, 2022 — 12 PM UTC Feb 3, 2022

Activity details:

During the activity, all users who visit OpenMeta and fill in the form can participate in both Activity 1 and Activity 2.

Activity 1: Trade Meta-Elephant NFT for free

1. Complete any NFT transaction of the Meta-Elephant NFT series;

2. All transaction fee paid during the activity will be returned the equivalent MDX to user’s wallet after the activity.

Activity 2: Import NFT and win the jackpot

1. Import any verifiable NFTs, export or delete those NFTs during the activity will not be qualified for the rewards ;

2. After the activity, according to the order of task completion, 50 users will be drawn (ranking 1st, 11th, 21st, and so on to 491st) for a 100MDX reward per user.

Tutorial of OpenMeta:

Activity description:

1. Users can participate in both activities at the same time.

2. This activity is only for BSC networks only.

3. All activity rewards will be allocated to the address filled by the user within 14 days after the activity ends.

4. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to MDEX.

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