Guide for cross-chain SHIB from ETH to Heco

This tutorial will show you how to cross-chain the SHIB assets on ETH chain to HECO, trade on MDEX or participate in liquidity mining.

Using the MDEX cross-chain bridge, assets from ETH to Heco have the following advantages:

Lower transaction cost and lower transfer fees.

It can be used as a mining shovel to obtain other token revenue. (For example, mine MDX on

SHIB cross-chain to HECO contract address through MDEX:


Cross-chain bridge:

Detailed tutorial (the following tutorial will use SHIB as a case, cross-chain from Ethereum to HECO)

1. Open the wallet (take Metamask as an example) and select the ETH network first (the steps for mobile wallet are the same). The account needs to have the corresponding token and a certain amount of ETH (as a handling fee).

2. Visit the MDEX cross-chain bridge address and connect to the Ethereum network (usually automatic connection).

MDEX cross-chain bridge address:

3. Choosing SHIB for cross-chain assets

4. Cross-chain network, choose from ETH to HECO

5. Enter the receiving address of the HECO account (enter the correct ERC-20 address, please do not enter the contract address or the exchange recharge address), and the amount of cross-chain SHIB.

6. Click Next, confirm the transfer, and wait for the cross-chain to complete.

The entire cross-chain process takes about 2–3 minutes, depending on the current congestion of the Ethereum network and the level of gas fees paid may vary (increasing gas fees can speed up the process of cross-chain receipt)

7. You can check the record at the bottom of the MDEX cross-chain bridge to view the progress of the cross-chain asset arrival.

8. The cross-chain assets will not arrive until all three networks are confirmed


Assets (such as: SHIB) are cross-chained from Ethereum to HECO, users need to pay the transfer gas fee of the Ethereum network, and also need to pay a transfer gas fee of the target network (HECO) (the gas fee of HECO is almost negligible), The gas fee of the target network will be converted into the same amount of cross-chain assets and deducted from the user’s transfer amount, so the actual amount received is the amount after deducting the handling fee.

When assets (such as: SHIB) are cross-chained from HECO to Ethereum, the gas fee of the target network (Ethereum network) needs to be paid as a cross-chain handling fee. Due to the high gas cost of the Ethereum network, there may be insufficient cross-chain assets In the case of paying Ethereum network gas, you will not be able to complete the cross-chain at this time. Therefore, when conducting HECO cross-chain to Ethereum network, please ensure that cross-chain assets are sufficient.

We can cross-chain assets from Ethereum to HECO through the MDEX cross-chain bridge, and directly trade and use them in MDEX. It is also possible to cross-chain assets from HECO to Ethereum.

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