Boardroom will be officially launched

Since MDEX launched liquidity mining and trade mining on January 19, the total value locked has exceeded 1.3 billion USDT. The liquidity amount, trading volume, number of transactions, and trading experience of mainstream currencies on MDEX have surpassed similar platforms. Within 15 days, the cumulative number of MDEX trading users reached 500,000, the total trading volume exceeded 15 billion USDT, the trading fee income more than 45 million US dollars, and the number of MDX holders exceeded 22,000. In the short term, we have quickly accumulated a large number of community consensus. We thank the community for their trust and recognition of MDEX and appreciate their continuous support and attention.

MDEX decided to launch Boardroom on February 3, 2021. As of February 2, 66% of the platform's revenue, that is 30 million USDT, will be transferred into the Boardroom airdrop pool and buyback pool as agreed. On February 3 and after, the corresponding percentage will be transferred to the airdrop pool and the repurchase and destruction pool every day.

Notes on the repurchase and airdrop rules:

1. Repurchase and burn (accounting for 30%): The initial amount of the pool to be repurchased is 9 million USDT

MDEX will transfer the corresponding proportion of daily platform income into the fund pool to be repurchased. When the repurchase price (72-hour MDX average price) is triggered, the smart contract will automatically execute the repurchase and destroy it. If it is not triggered, it will continue to accumulate into the repurchase fund pool.

2. Airdrop (accounting for 70%): the initial amount of the pending airdrop pool is 21 million USDT

MDEX will transfer a corresponding proportion of daily platform income into the pending airdrop pool, and users can receive daily airdrops by staking MDX/USDT LP, MDX/WHT LP, and MDX. Airdrops will be received in the form of WHT. The proportion of airdrops in different pools to be received is determined by the current mining output, circulation, and the amount of pledged MDX, and is dynamically adjusted through smart contracts. In the future, the MDX/WHT LP, MDX pool will be gradually opened according to the release of tokens.

Opening time:

2021.2.3 10:00 (UTC+8) Launch the Boardroom page

2021.2.3 12:00 (UTC+8) Open MDX/USDT LP airdrop pool

2021.2.6 12:00 (UTC+8) Open repurchase and destruction mode

All Boardroom mechanisms are open, transparent, fair, and displayed in real time on the chain.

After MDX releases more, MDEX will conduct Boardroom voting governance through the on-chain DAO management. Boardroom members participating in the election will have more rights and interests, so stay tuned.

In addition, MDEX will set up a "15 million USD MDEX Ecological Fund", and will continue to increase investment in this ecological fund to support more high-quality projects on Heco, ETH, BSC, OKex Chain, Tron Chain, Polkadot and other public chains. At the same time, Mdex will also focus on the construction of Bridges and Layer2, and is committed to building the largest real multi-chain interoperability platform in the DeFi ecosystem that integrates DEX, IMO, and DAO.

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