Meta-Elephant NFT

Meta-Elephant NFT is a series of NFTs based on the MDEX mascot with 4-grade rarities (N/R/SR/SSR) and a total number of 10,000. Owners can stake their NFTs to mine other assets and participate in high-quality games on chains that MDEX will work with in the future. The first edition of Meta-Elephant NFT is themed as Space Expedition that includes cruise maintenance workers, cruise special forces, cruise navigators, and cruise pilots. It will be released on certain marketplaces in the form of mystery box, you will have a chance to get a Meta-Elephant NFT with different rarities!
Where to buy Mystery Box?
Story background:
“Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! All Elephant warriors, please stand by and get ready for a war!” the voice of AI is resounding throughout the entire MDEX planet. Cute elephants look up at the giant screen and they read:
"Space looters have appeared in the Metaverse and nearly half of MDEX's allies have had their energy mines looted and taken over! All residents on MDEX planet are urged to form expedition teams to defeat the looters to save our home and help other planets to operate as usual!"
Every planet has its exclusive mining fields and produces unique energy ore to sustain the planets, which is indispensable in the boundless Metaverse. For the future of the Metaverse, a team of elephants called the "MDEX Space Guardians” marches into the Metaverse with the hopes of the entire planet!
MDEX will delegate more elephant troops to join the rescue cruise after the first expedition team. Look forward to their victory in saving our planets in this space journey.
Character introduction:
Cruise maintenance workers: responsible for fixing faults, ensuring logistics and keeping the expedition team run efficiently.They also have the most quantity. Rarity : N.
Cruise Special Forces : Responsible for defending against foreign enemies, eliminating darkness and ensuring the safety of the team. Special Forces have the second-highest number in the expedition team and their rarity level is R.
Cruise Navigators: responsible for finding the right direction, guiding the team forward and operating the craft. They take on the major task of transporting the team. Navigators are the second most rare elephant and their rarity is SR.
Cruising pilots: the most elite in the team, possessing all the skills of the above 3 types of elephants. They are selected after strict training. Pilots are the rarest elephants in the team and their rarity level is SSR.