MDEX supports the ETH hard fork upgrade

Dear MDEX users,

According to the official Roadmap of Ethereum, ETH (Ethereum) will undergo a London hard fork upgrade when the block height reaches 12,965,000 which is expected to take place at 19:55 (GMT+8) on August 05, 2021.

Possible results after the ETH hard fork:

1. If no new tokens are generated, users do not need to do anything.

2. If new coins are generated,Huobi and Binance will reward the ETH mappings on HECO and BSC. MDEX will airdrop fork coins to all users whoe stake ETH in the liquidity pool or single token pool. The bounty tokens are mapped fork tokens of the corresponding tokens on HECO and BSC, not native tokens.

Airdrop rules:

When the Ethereum block height reaches 12,965,000, i.e. 19:55 on August 05, 2021 (GMT+8), the corresponding block heights on HECO and BSC will be 7090255 and 9768330 respectively. We will take a snapshot of the number of ETH staked in all liquidity pools or single pool contracts on MDEX, and proportionally distribute bounties as per the information in the snapshots.

Claim your rewards: Login to MDEX official website, click "Claim" at the top of the home page

Distribution time: After the completion of Ethereum hard fork and network stabilizes, we will announce the distribution time.


August 5, 2021

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