MDEX 1 year anniversary: looking back, we never forget why we started

Dear MDEXers,

MDEX was created one year ago out of our passion and ambition for innovation. We were determined to revolutionize the crypto world. Fortunately, we came across the boom of decentralised finance and seized the chance to usher in a brand new future for blockchain users. Through exploration and experimentation, we ride waves and march firmly towards our ultimate goal, that is, to create an MDEX era. Over the past year, MDEX has wasted no second and successfully taken off, explored the crypto world and expanded its boundary.

On January 19, 2021, MDEX came into being amidst the emergence of decentralized finance, kicking off a DEX ecology with its strong performance. Upon its birth, it topped at CoinMarketCap DEX ranking multiple times; as the world's leading decentralized exchange, MDEX boasts the highest TVL of $5.7 billion, a cumulative transaction volume of $458.83 billion, a record high daily transaction volume of $5.05 billion on HECO and BSC, and a total number of interactive addresses of over 1.25 billion which makes MDEX rank sixth among all DEX projects. Besides, there are over 40,000 transaction pairs, and 31,000 addresses holding MDX, and 773 million MDX farmed on the two chains of HECO and BSC. The total number of MDX repurchased and burned exceeded 136 million.

These dazzling performances, although prove the extraordinariness of MDEX, are just the starting point. MDEX does not dwell on the past or the present achievement. We uphold the essence of finance and insist on rationality as our philosophy, which prevents us from getting lost in the volatile crypto market. Shouldering our initial mission and bearing in mind our gratitude for users, MDEX Foundation launched the new ecological development Hunter Program to support global high-quality projects in the fields of Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, NFT, etc..

MDEX has also launched the DAO governance function, which calls on community users to actively participate in ecological construction and thereby pushes MDEX to realize community autonomy. The successful deployment on the Ethereum network has laid a solid foundation to build infrastructure that connects multiple heterogeneous blockchain networks and fulfill the aim of cross-blockchain asset exchange. In order to expand the existing ecological boundaries, MDEX has established a special Metaverse fund with which MDEX can explore innovative cooperation forms with META and GameFi projects.

OpenMeta, an NFT trading platform invested and incubated by MDEX Foundation, will soon be launched to provide users with rich gameplay through joint premiere pre-sale of NFT mystery boxes and NFT mining with high-quality projects. So far, MDEX platform has already unveiled its NFT mascot series based on the platform's mascot Moe Elephant.

Over the past year, MDEX has been devoting itself in developing and perfecting trading functions. We have enabled a number of innovative transaction features, including the "automatic repurchase and burn mechanism under smart contracts", “Chart" and "order book”, “limit order", all of which are spearheads in DEX. There are also other fun products such as "IMO", "Burning Black Hole", "Invitation Bonus Mechanism" and "DAO". Each of these newly launched functions allows MDEX to decentralize the age-old financial products.

At present, MDEX's main functions include swap (including transaction mining), liquidity mining, Boardroom, cross-chain bridge, order book, limit orders, NFT trading, etc. And in the future, we will continue to diversify the application scenarios to provide convenient, high-performance and low-cost financial services to global users, and thereby realizing our ultimate vision of realizing fair pricing of assets, instant settlement of transactions and free flow of value. Trading is the core of DeFi's value, but it is by no means the end for DeFi. In the future, based on its original services and functions, MDEX will bring into play the combinable nature of DeFi products, and gradually launch a series of innovative derivatives such as leveraged trading, options trading and prediction markets to create more income for MDX holders.

Grand journeys never have an end. MDEX has implemented a global development strategy and actively participated in important global blockchain conferences. Up till now, we have collaborated with more than 280 global projects and attracted over 300,000 community users who can be found in as many as 19 countries in West Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Europe, including Turkey, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Portugal, etc..

Over the past year, we have gained recognition but also received criticism. We have taken risks but also hold high the principle of making steady progress. One year has passed, and we are grateful for your accompany and trust from our 50 million users worldwide. With your presence, we will relentlessly continue to explore our future direction and forge ahead while bearing in mind our original goals of creating MDEX. To earn the trust, we spare no efforts. Who is able to withstand the instantly changing crypto world and ready for the unpredictable future?

Being a wave-rider, MDEX will continue its exploration in the massive ocean of DEX.

MDEX Team 19 Jan 2022

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