Anti-Scam Guide

Common Telegram Scams

Recently, there have been many types of scams in Telegram groups, users need to be more vigilant and beware of them. Please pay attention to the following common scams if you encounter:

1. Private messages (PM) from strangers asking about your assets or information.

Strangers may send you PM any time on Telegram. If someone recommends a project for you that requires transferring money or registering for an unknown source like an App, links, or downloading "Official Announcements" files or pornographic content, be cautious. These may come with Trojan Horse virus that might result in financial loss or theft of information.

Anti-fraud strategy:

Don’t trust PM from strangers easily, if you dont want to get disturbed, block them;

Do not click on unknown files and links sent to you;

2. Disguised in officials

Do not provide any information or money when you receive PM from scammers who pretend to be the project’s officials. They tend to message you if you inquire about anything in the official group.

Anti-fraud strategy:

Officials will not PM first with any users, please look for the Admin title in the group if you need help;

Anyone who claims they can help you solve the risk control issue is a scammer on Telegram.

Officials will not PM or call users first for no reason. Anyone who asks for passwords, verification codes, or anything like that is a scammer.

3. Fake official community fraud

There are many fake official communities on Telegram, most of which are run by robots and ghostwriters. Scammers may post digital asset replacements, transfer funds to earn income, scan codes for airdrops, etc. Don't click on unknown links and tutorials in the group to protect your assets from being stolen.

Anti-fraud strategy:

MDEX official TG groups

MDEX official Chinese group:

MDEX official English group:

You may contact the official admin to verify;

Stay vigilant for any funds replacement, arbitrage, or airdrop groups that claim to be high-yield, safe, and stable.

4. Private transaction fraud

Do not trade privately to avoid getting scammed. Please be cautious if someone sent you a PM saying they wanted to buy your USDT at a higher price or even "guaranteed" by an official, it's fake.

Anti-fraud strategy:

Private transactions is usually fraudulent. Please do transactions on the official trading platform.

5. Information on violations of laws and regulations

It's a scam if someone sends illegal projects on Telegram, such as money laundering in stolen assets or gambling, as well as pictures and videos.

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