Newly Added Liquidity Mining Pools and New Pools on Boardroom

Dear MDEXERS, (BSC) will add some new liquidity mining pools and new pools on Boardroom and adjust its weights, with the total number of rewards per block remains the same. The specific details of the adjustment are subject to the display on the official website page.

The list of newly added liquidity mining pool on MDEX (HECO): LION/MDX

The list of increased liquidity mining pool reward on MDEX(HECO): SHIB/USDT

The newly added pools on Boardroom (BSC): New single token stake MDX rewards MDX, which will daily reward 150,000 USDT Single token stake MDX rewards HMDX, which will daily reward 150,000 USDT

The adjustment will be executed at 10:00 (UTC), May 8th, 2021.

In the future, if the DAO management starts, the adjustment plan of the weight of the mining pool will be decided by the community vote.

MDEX team May 8th, 2021

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