Farming by Voting Plan


The entire ecosystem has been working together to promote the application of blockchain technology. Meanwhile, support for high-quality start-up projects is the key to fundamentally promoting ecological development. MDEX now opens a voting function for hot projects, hoping to work with all users to select quality projects with the highest potential. With this function, users can vote for projects they favor and have the opportunity to win MDX rewards. Projects with enough votes will win MDEX support such as liquidity incentive and promotional marketing, so as to obtain a higher publicity.

How to get selected?

1.MDEX will keep an eye on hot projects, and select the most imaginative ones to enter the voting process.

2.Interested projects can submit the application form. If they pass the preliminary review of the MDEX team, they can enter the voting process.

3.Users can also recommend potential projects (the voting function page has a project recommendation portal). If the recommended projects pass the preliminary review of the MDEX team, they will enter the voting process. Note: The MDEX team will set different vote requirements for different projects, and projects that reach such requirements can be selected and receive support.

Voting instructions:

1.Users must vote with MDX, but the vote does not require staking MDX. The total amount of MDX available for voting is the sum of the balance of the user’s HECO and BSC wallet, and the lockup amount at the boardroom.

2.To ensure more ordinary users can get voting rewards (please see below the reward rules), the number of votes for each project per address is limited, which is between 10 ~100 votes.

3.Each address can only vote once for each project, and the vote is irrevocable, but each address can vote for multiple projects at the same time.

Voting operation tutorial:

Reward rules:

1.Projects with enough votes will be selected by the program, and users who vote for such projects can share a reward in proportion to their votes (users who vote for such projects after they reach the required number of votes cannot share the reward). The amount of reward is set and issued by MDEX.

2.After the winning projects open the liquidity mining incentives, if the average daily transaction volume is higher than $ 500,000 within 7 days, the first 200 addresses voted for such projects can share an exclusive reward: Within 7 days after the liquidity mining, if the transaction volume of the address in the project is not less than $ 100, the address will receive an MDX reward equivalent to $50.

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