The 2022 MDEX’s Most Outstanding Community Members Selection

From the budding time in early spring to the warm sun in full bloom in late winter, we thank you for being part of our journey again. In 2022, we have experienced the period of upheaval in the crypto world together. As we are setting off the year 2023, MDEX is ready to sail through the winds and waves with all of you in this bear market.

At present, the size of MDEX community has reached to 200,000. The active members have injected great vitality into MDEX communities. We’re hereby launching "The 2022 MDEX’s Most Outstanding Community Members Selection" as a way of showing our gratitude to the MDEX supporters for their dedication.

1.Activity voting time

From January 11th to January 13th, 2023


All MDEX’s Chinese & English Community Members

3.Activity content

This activity will help us select the most outstanding community members of 2022 in our Chinese and English Telegram communities. The specific selection rules are as follows:

We’ve selected the top 10 most active members in 2022 according to the community backend statistics, and these candidates will be eligible to enter the community voting section (except for administrators).

4.Activity Rewards

1st place: 1000 MDX

2nd place: 600 MDX

3rd place: 300 MDX

4th to 10th place: 100 MDX

The campaign is running for both Chinese and English communities, with a total reward of 5200 MDX

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