MDEX is launching its second round of M-angel recruitment

MDEX.COM is a decentralized transaction platform deployed on multiple chains. We are now starting the second round of M-angel recruitment, through which we aim to grow together with global blockchain fans by rewarding those social media influencers who bring traffic and users to MDEX.

If you have passion for blockchain,

If you are optimistic about the development of DeFi sector,

If you are willing to grow with MDEX,

You are the one we are looking for!

We sincerely invite you to join our M-Angel recruitment plan!

Who can participate?

Blockchain fans, social media influencers, such as video bloggers, telegram group owners, medium community leaders, etc.

When does the recruitment start?

9th July 2021, 12:00 PM (UTC)

What are the application requirements?

1. MDEX supporters who agree with MDEX philosophy.

2. Fluent English communication competence.

What are M-angels' responsibilities?

We hope M-angels can make the following contributions to MDEX, including but not limited to:

1.Content output.

Be able to create quality content about MDEX and post it to social media, such as YouTube, Medium, Twitter, etc.

2. Promotion

Spread MDEX's project concept to a wider range of people, help MDEX to build community and guide more people to understand MDEX through M-angels' own resources and channels.

3. User growth

You can independently grow several seed users who fully understand MDEX and are willing to actively participate or users who have deep blockchain knowledge and are active in various related platforms.

4. Influencers

We welcome influencers to participate in MDEX promotional activities and grow with MDEX for the long term to let more MDEX users better understand the project mechanism.

What benefits will you enjoy being an M-angel?

1. MDX token rewards(50u-500U).

MDEX will reward M-angels with MDX tokens according to their performance and efforts.

2. Future MDEX peripheral products.

In the future, we will also create exclusive NFT medals for M-angels to show the special status and significant contribution of M-angels to the MDEX ecology.

3. Special invitation for online and offline activities.

As a member of the community, the M-angel will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in various online and offline activities on behalf of MDEX.

How to submit my application?

1. Fill out the M-angel Application Form:

2. MDEX team will regularly check the application list and contact applicants who are initially eligible.

3. MDEX team will make an evaluation internally.

4. If qualified, MDEX will authorize the applications the role M-angel, M-angel can carry out works according to their own situation.


1. The selected M-angels don't represent the official position of MDEX. M-angels can't commit fraud or other illegal and criminal activities in the name of the MDEX.

2. The work carried out by M-angels must be reported to the MDEX team who will evaluate the work and distribute corresponding rewards according to the efforts and results. The specific details of the rewards will be published after the evaluation.

3. The final list will be notified by email.

4.Official email for M-Angel recruitment:

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