Join the first MDEX Video Creation Contest to win 4500MDX rewards

As a DEX deployed on multiple chains, MDEX has been running safely and smoothly for 167 days!

If you are a loyal MDEX user

if you think MDEX is worth sharing

if you are good at video editing or creation

Come join us!

Follow the footsteps of MDEX and participate in the Video Creation Contest to review, record and share MDEX's growth along the way!


"Move ahead in hand with MDEX" Video Creation Contest

When can I participate?

July 5 - July 18 12:00 PM (UTC)

When will I know the contest result?

July 25, 12:00 PM (UTC)

When will I claim the rewards?

July 31 12:00 (UTC)

How can I claim the rewards?

The reward winners have to log on to the MDEX website (BSC) and click "Claim" at the top of the homepage to receive the reward. All rewards have to be collected within 72 hours of July 31 12:00 (UTC); otherwise, the award winners are considered relinquishing the reward.

How do I participate?

1. Create a video. Upload and share it on social media platforms, such as Youtube and Twitter.

2. Follow MDEX official Twitter account, forward the tweet about this contest and tag @Mdexswap.

3. Follow the official MDEX YouTube channel.

4. Join the official MDEX Telegram group.

5. Fill in the Google application form:

Official Twitter:

Official Youtube:

MDEX official English Telegram community:

Video requirements

1. Video types: animation, live commentary, video editing, screen recording, etc.

2. Video contents: MDEX overview, rival analysis, operation tutorial, prospect analysis, etc..

3. The same video cannot be repeatedly submitted by more than one person. If there is more than one creator, only one person can be the author. If there is a duplicate video upload, the first upload time video shall prevail.

4. The video must be original. Plagiarism or any infringement of others' copyright are strictly prohibited.

5. The video must not contain inappropriate language, denigration or false information.

6. The video created must be in high resolution and no less than 1 minute in length. The language shall be English.

7. The video content must be uploaded to social media platforms and publically accessible.

Video evaluation

Creativity and content type

Difficulty level

Fun or informative

The number of views and comments

Contest Awards

1st: 1000 MDX

2nd: 500 MDX

3rd: 300 MDX

4th -10th: 100 MDX

11th -50th: 50 MDX

(The MDEX team decides the top three finalists in the official preliminary round, and the community votes on their ranking)


1. The MDEX team will make a comprehensive assessment of all videos submitted and will announce the winners after the activity. During this announcement period, if any plagiarism, infringement, etc. are reported, winners will be immediately revoked.

2. For all videos submitted, MDEX has the right to display and use them. MDEX is not responsible for any disputes caused by authorization.

3. Participating in this Contest and uploading videos are considered as an approval to shift the copyright of works submitted to MDEX.

4. MDEX reserves the right of updating and interpreting this activity.

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