Manual for MDEX order book function

1.Go to MDEX website and click “Markets"

2.On the “Markets” page, select the token pair you need to trade, or search it in the search bar. (At present, only some of the token pairs support the pending order function. )

3.After you find the token pair, click it to enter the order book trading page and authorize the transaction (the left side is buy, the right side is sell).

4.Click "Limit Trading", and enter the price and quantity of the order you want to buy (sell) or the total value.

5.After entering the price and quantity, click "Buy" or "Sell" and authorize the transaction, and then sign.

Note: After the contract is permanently authorized, you will not need to authorize again. It is recommended to authorize only this transaction.

6.The system will send a message after the order is successfully placed and automatically match your transaction with other participants.

Note: After the order is successfully place, the match-making will continue for 3 days. If no deal is made during this period, the system will stop brokering the transaction (*but the user also needs to manually cancel the order).

7.Users can check the "current order" and "historical orders"


  1. MDEX has upgraded the technology for the new function to combine the order book and AMM liquidity pool of varying depths. This will solve the commonplace issue of transaction failures caused by different order book depths, and thereby offer you better trading experience.

  2. The order book function for pending order will be launched in HECO and BSC chains at the same time.

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