Announcement on upgrade of referral program on MDEX

Dear users,

MDEX launched referral program in order to enable more users to enjoy MDEX platform rewards and achieve lower-cost decentralized transactions. The team will upgrade referral program according to the needs of users on November 19th, 2021.

Users can now apply to become KOL according to the number of MDX held in the wallet address instead of applying to MDEX team on the referral program page. The rebate ratio will automatically increase accordingly if the number of MDX in the wallet address increases. For more details, please check the rules on official website.

The relationship between the number of MDX held and rebate ratio is as follows:

Number of MDX heldPercentage of rebates

0 to 20000


20000 to 60000


60000 and above


MDEX reserves the right to adjust the rules and proportion of rebates at any time according to market conditions. The final interpretation of the referral program belongs to MDEX.

MDEX team

19 Nov 202

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