Community Proposal Guide

We are grateful to everyone who has provided advices on the MDEX ecology. The community proposal function was launched on September 25. It is well-received among the users and a total of 64 proposals have been raised up.
To ensure that the proposal can be voted normally when it enters the referendum, users should refer to this document to submit the proposal correctly.
Generally, proposals can be divided into two types:
1 . Support or Against Type
Most of the proposals are of this type, in which users have fully expressed their opinions in the proposal content and voters only need to choose between support and against in the proposal options, for example:
Right Example:
Wrong Example:
In the case above, voters are unable to vote on this proposal since the two options are the same.
2 . Multiple Solutions Type
This type is different from the support/against type and needs to provide multiple options for voters to vote. Users can click "Add options" to choose among different solutions (up to 5 options can be added)
For example:
For the non-support/against options, users can handle them by adding new options.
Note: In either case, users need to add an "against" option (the yellow box above), so that everyone can participate in the vote, otherwise, users who disagree with the proposal will not be able to vote.