Announcement on 2nd round of joint mining activities with Juggernaut on MDEX.COM (BSC)

MDEX (BSC) will commence 2nd round of joint mining activities with Juggernaut and adjust the weightage of liquidity mining at 12:00 (UTC) on Feb 11 2022. The details of the joint mining activities are as follows:

  1. New liquidity mining list: Stake JGN/WBNB to mine MDX. The activity lasts for 60 days

  2. New boardroom mining list: Stake MDX to mine JGN. The activity lasts for 45 days

Please refer to the official website for the specific output per block. If there are any amendments, they will be notified through subsequent announcements.


The next evolution of DeFi will go beyond pure finance and into real-life financial use-cases and philosophy of all assets and innovations. Juggernaut (JGN) aims to build the next generation of blockchain infrastructure to make DeFi & NFTs unstoppable.

Contract address:0xc13b7a43223bb9bf4b69bd68ab20ca1b79d81c75

MDEX team

11 Feb 2022

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