MDEX (HECO) Will Start Mining Activity with MXC

MDEX..COM (HECO) will start mining activity with MXC at 12:00 (UTC), May 12th, 2021. Meantime, there will be adjustments to the weight of liquidity mining.

United mining rules:

1.New list on Innovation section

Stake MX/USDT, mine MDX

Duration: 90 days

2. New list on Boardroom

Stake MDX, mine MX

Duration: 30 days

Besides, MDEX will adjust the weight of liquidity mining. The output of each block will depend on the details on MDEX DApp. If there is any change, we will announce it in the following announcement.

In the future, if the DAO management starts, the adjustment plan of the weight of the mining pool will be decided by the community vote.

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