Tutorial Guide on Referral Rebate

  1. Enter the "Swap" page of MDEX official website and click "Referral with rewards" to enter the referral interface. All MDEX users are qualified for making referrals, and both new and old MDEX users can become invitees. Those who have already made transactions on the platform can also join the event, as an inviter or invitee.

2. You can find information about the referral link on the right of the referral page. By default, the basic referral rebate ratio is 15%. You can copy the referral link to invite friends directly.

3.Clicking on "Invite now" will generate a referral image with an referral link and a referral code on the bottom. Users can download the image and save it for easy referral.

4.By clicking "Change the referral ratio", users can set the rebate ratio for referees at 5% or 10%. Since the total referral ratio is fixed at 15%, when the inviter re-sets the rebate ratio, his or her commission ratio will change correspondingly and a new referral link will be generated.

5.A new referral link is generated each time when the referral ratio changes.

6.If users want to obtain a higher commission rate, they can submit an application or increase their MDX holdings. Simply click to enter the“Join the Referral System” page and fill in the information. If the number of MDX holdings in the wallet address increases, the commission rate will automatically increase accordingly. The relationship between MDX holdings and commission rates is as follows:

7.Click "Check rules" to learn more about the referral rules.

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