Celebrating 1 Million Interactive Users, Feedback Insights to Win $3000 in $MDX

Dear MEDX users,

To celebrate 1 million interactive users on MDEX (HECO&BSC), MDEX will launch a feedback campaign to reward $3000 in $MDX.

Participate now!

Campaign Duration:

August 6th, 12:00 PM--August 14th 12:00 PM UTC

How to participate?

1. Follow the official MDEX Twitter and join the official MDEX Telegram group.

2. During the activity, users participate and fill out the form to give their feedback. The content provided should be true and valid. False and meaningless information is not needed.


  1. After the event, the MDEX team will select users who have given valid feedback and pick winners to give away rewards.

Number of users with valid feedback

Number of winners

Rewards per person



$100 in $MDX



$120 in $MDX



$160 in $MDX

  1. MDEX will also select 30 users with the best feedback from all participants to give away $20 in $MDX rewards for each.


1. Winning users should complete all of the tasks.

2. Users can get both the lucky rewards and the best feedback rewards.

3. Within 14 days after the event, MDEX will complete the selection and distribution of rewards.

4. MDEX reserves the final interpretation right of this activity.

Risk warning:

Cryptocurrency asset is a kind of innovative investment product with volatile prices. MDEX serves as a decentralized exchange, established only for providing convenience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts trading cryptocurrencies, and assumes no liability or guarantee compensation for the investment value of coins. Please make a rational estimation of your investment ability and make prudent investment decisions.

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