MDEX officially deployed the OPBNB Network

Dear MDEX Users,

We are delighted to announce that, in order to provide you with a wider trading space, MDEX has officially deployed the OPBNB network on its platform on January 16, 2024.

OPBNB is a Layer 2 network launched by the BNB Chain, aimed at addressing high transaction costs and congestion issues while offering a faster and more convenient trading environment. OPBNB possesses the following performance advantages:

1.High-performance trading: OPBNB utilizes Layer 2 technology to ensure security while providing swift transaction execution, enabling users to complete transactions more quickly.

2.Low transaction costs: OPBNB significantly reduces transaction costs, providing users with more attractive trading conditions.

3.Scalability and ecosystem support: The introduction of OPBNB will support more projects, enriching the ecosystem and providing developers with more opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

MDEX is committed to delivering an outstanding trading experience and expanding the boundaries of decentralized finance for users. The official deployment of the OPBNB public chain marks an important step towards our multi-chain deployment.

We sincerely thank all users, partners, and developers who have supported the MDEX platform and the OPBNB public chain. We will continue to strive to bring you better services and more innovative features. Thank you for your support to MDEX!


January 16, 2024

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