Announcement on joint mining activities with Torum (XTM)on MDEX (HECO)

MDEX (HECO) will commence joint mining activities with Torum (XTM) and adjust the weightage of liquidity mining at 12:00 (UTC) on 9th Dec 2021. The details of the joint mining activities are as follows:

1.New liquidity mining list: Stake XTM/WHTto mine MDX . The activity lasts for 60 days

2.New trading mining list: Trade XTM/WHT to mine MDX. The activity lasts for 60 days

3.New boardroom mining list: Stake MDX to mine XTM The activity lasts for 45 days

Please refer to the official website for the specific output per block. If there are any amendments, they will be notified through subsequent announcements.

About Torum (XTM)

Torum is a SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem that is specially designed for cryptocurrency users and projects.The Web 3.0 ecosystem is built on a social media platform at its core, coupled with a yield farming hub for DeFi players, an NFT marketplace for crypto artists and Avatar NFT for Metaverse enthusiasts.

Official website:

Token contract address(HECO):0xcd1faff6e578fa5cac469d2418c95671ba1a62fe

Risk Reminder: there are risks in cryptocurrency transactions, please be alarmed and do your own research before purchase.

MDEX team

09 Dec 2021

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