Governance voucher Guide

Governance Voucher User Guide

1. MDEX will officially issue governance vouchers to all MDX holders who stake their positions for long term in the Boardroom (30 days, 90 days, 180 days, 365 days)

2. The vouchers are issued in proportion to the tokens locked and users have to manually take the vouchers on the Boardroom staking page. For instance, the weight coefficient for 365-day staking is 6.475. If a user locks in 1000 MDX, they will get 6475 vouchers.

3. Application scenarios for the governance vouchers: participate in IMO, redeem the locked MDX, participate in Director election,Director voting and community proposal voting.

- Participate in IMO: Users will be able to participate in IMO with their MDX governance vouchers. The specific rules of participation will be announced in future.

- Redeem locked MDX: After MDX lock-in ends, if the user wants to withdraw MDX unlocked, they have to use the governance vouchers of a corresponding weight to its staking period to redeem the tokens. When redeeming, if the number of vouchers and assets staked are not in proportion (the system will give strong reminders), the user then has to redeem tokens based on the amount of vouchers at hand. The rest will be sent to a public address for burning.

- Participate in Director elections: To become an MDEX director, you need to stake a certain number of vouchers. All eligible voucher holders can apply to become MDEX director candidates and participate in the director election to become official director.

Note: MDX and MDX LPs cannot participate in director election, director voting or community proposal voting.

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