How to cross-chain MDX to BSC

1. Open the PC version wallet and select the HECO network first (same as the steps for the mobile version wallet). Your account needs to have the corresponding token and a certain amount of HT (as a gas fee).

2. Visit the official link of MDEX.COM, reconfirms the wallet connect to the HECO mainnet, and click “Bridge”. As shown below:

3. Choose the token you want to transfer, Click “Approve” and confirm in your wallet

4. input number and address, click “Trasferred” and confirm in your wallet.

5. Select the cross-chain currency MDX, the receiving address (the receiving address of BSC), and the number of cross-chains. After “approve”, you need to click “Next” again to confirm the transfer and wait for the cross-chain to complete.

After the cross-chain step is completed, switch to the BSC mainnet to check the MDX receipt. It is recommended to enter the corresponding MDX contract address on BSC in the wallet address.


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