Community Proposal Voting Guide

How to initiate a community proposal?

1. Enter the DAO page, select "Community Proposal", and click "Submit Proposal";

2. Please fill in the "Proposal Title", "Proposal Content", and "Proposal Options" in detail

3. The user holding 50,000+ “votes” can submit the proposal.

4. After the proposal is successfully submitted, its content will be displayed on the community proposal page and enter the "director voting" phase.

How do users participate in the referendums on proposals?

1. When the proposal has received approval from no less than 5 directors, it will be published on the "Proposal Referendum" page at 13:00 PM UTC on the same day;

2. On this page, you can choose the proposal you support. The total number of votes available is: the total number of votes when the block height of the proposal is snapshotted;

3. The option with the most votes will be the final executable proposal and executed by the MDEX team.


1. Calculation method of votes:

The total votes = the MDX balance + the xMDX balance (in the user's wallet at the proposal’s block height snapshot) + the xMDX staking amount by the directors' election voting;

Snapshot time: When a proposal is submitted, a snapshot of the user’s above balances will be taken.

2. If the proposal does not obtain 5+ directors’ votes within 7 calendar days after submission, it will automatically become invalid.

3. Users can vote for multiple proposals without staking, as long as they have at least 1 vote.

4. The referendum for each proposal lasts for 3 calendar days.

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